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An easy do-it-yourself performance kit for 1977-81 Trans Am.

This kit wires directly to your fuse box (ignition side). The flap opens once the engine starts, or you can use our recommended kick-down switch to activate the flap when stepping hard on the accelerator. The performance kit resembles the early factory components. Once installed, it will be hard to tell them apart.


Flap and other shaker components are included.


Activation Switch & hood scoop are NOT included.



1973 and 1974 Trans Ams  with T-400 automatices, all already have kick-down switches. 1975-81 Trans Ams did not come with the T-400 kick-down switch

1977-81 Trans Am Performance Kit

SKU: K002
  • Proudly made in the USA 🇺🇸 

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